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Custom Designed Web Sites

"Your Taste, Not Ours"

Web Design Place of Palmdale, serving Santa Clarita, Lancaster and the Antelope Valley, will design your web page with textual layouts (not more than 300 words per page) , custom headlines, a background color / texture,   tables, hyperlinks, document links, photographs (excluding editing), meta tag generation including meta tags research of your top five competitors, publishing (posting) your site on the World Wide Web via file transfer protocol (ftp). One copy of your web page on a compact disc. Our web page or web site minimum fee is $425

website designOther available options include: GIF animations, static and animated custom banners, thumb nails, shopping cart programs, E-commerce, secure order forms, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), java script templates. In fact, we can have your web page on the WWW in days and/or your web page accepting product orders via the web in a week!


Pragmatic Designs

After all the hype of flashing designs, logos of big companies strategically located on a webmasters site to lure and impress potential clients, a smart client -after the desire to be entertained is satisfied- will 'settle down' to a webmaster than can give a client a bit of reality. The reality is that practicality sells not fireworks. Web Design Place defines practical web design as having: 1. Easy navigation 2. Subtle designs that compliments textual content 3. Textual content that is: (a) basic but creative (b) precise but not wordy (c) technical but not scholarly. Our experienced webmasters at Web Design Place of Palmdale, CA will design your web site in a practical fashion. Call a Webmaster Now! Cell Phone 1-323-420-6794

Graphic Design and Textual Design

website designWe cannot disassociate the two. Design not only includes graphics but text as well. Too much of either can detract from your message, which is probably to promote a product or service. The key here is: BALANCE. Our webmasters will apply graphics mildly to highlight your products or services, not to overpower it. And here it is, the most convincing part of any web site: textual content. Potential clients can sense the integrity and commitment in a business by the textual content of their web site. And besides, search engines rank your web page by scanning keywords, not graphics.

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