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I don't know where to start to get my web site on line. What are my priorities?

If you have not chosen a domain name.To find out if your domain name is available, please visit Godaddy and search domain name availability. Call Web Design Place 1-661-273-8700 (Cell Phone 1-323-420-6794) before you purchase your domain name so we can give you free consultation on the best domain name available.

Second- After you find your domain name your need web hosting. Please visit Godaddy.


GoDaddy Web Hosting

Third- If our promotional and literary service is not needed then you can write the text of your web page as though you are writing a brochure. Please save it as a Rich Text Format (RTF) document and e-mail the text and any graphics to us. If your product, service or organization has a brochure, flyer or catalog please give us a copy. This will help us determine the 'flavor' or your company.

Fourth- Now we start working together. We brain storm together we put your web page on paper; its format, style, etc. Web Design Place of Los Angeles will post your web page on our server so you can view it on the net. There is no need to come down to our office, really. We edit it, post the newer version on the Internet using your domain name, you review it and Web Design Place of Los Angeles will edit it again, if need be. All of this can happen in minutes. The construction and design of your web site can all be accomplished by communicating via e-mail and telephone. Some of our clients we have never met, in particular, those from outside of Los Angeles.

Fifth-You need to rent web space on a web server. In other words, you must find a host. A web server is just a big computer that stores the contents, graphics, text, html codes, of your web page. Finding a web server is as easy as filling out a form, just visit any of these sites below. Fees start from $25.00 a month with a about $80.00 setup fee. The web host will give you a user name and password. Web Design Place will need this information to upload via FTP (file transfer protocol) your web page to the web server. Then after, your 're on the World Wide Web and registered with major search engines! Call a Webmaster Now!Cell Phone 1-323-420-6794

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